Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Manners Monday" - Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

Dance is back and it’s hotter than ever! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved dancing. From back in the day watching the funky dancers get down on Soul Train to studying John Travolta’s disco moves in Saturday Night Fever and Michael Jackson’s effortless moonwalk in the Billie Jean video. As a child, I lived for dance parties and dance contests. I took dance lessons all throughout elementary school (jazz, tap and ballet) and in high school was part of a modern dance company. My love for dance continued in college and I added hip hop dance to my repertoire. One of my dance instructor’s was actually, Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser! Nowadays, dance is everywhere and accessible to everyone whether they’re enjoying learning ballroom dance vicariously while watching a Dancing with the Stars episode or participating in an impromptu flash mob dance at the mall.

Needless to say, I am a big supporter of all types of dance and when the 2nd annual National Dance Day occurred, I broke out my boogie shoes! Founded by So You Think You Can Dance executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, National Dance Day (Saturday, July 30th) was created to “encourage Americans to incorporate dance into their lives as a way to have fun, get your heart rate up, and combat obesity.”

First Lady, Michelle Obama, spearheaded a similar campaign over a year ago to tackle children’s physical and emotional health with an initiative called “Let’s Move!” Similarly, the First Lady was motivated to curtail our nation’s problem with obesity and lure children away from passive activities like computer games and television into more active interests like sports and dance. The trend has grown and others have joined in the crusade as well.

Wisharoo Park, a multimedia children’s edutainment company along with leading dancewear brand Capezio, launched a nationwide campaign/viral dance-a-thon of their own called, “The Duckle Dance.” The idea is to help the younger set (ages 3-6) stay healthy and showcase a few of their best dancing moves at the same time. Kids are encouraged to watch “The Duckle Dance” video ( and then submit their own version for a chance to win Capezio dance scholarships.

We’re also jumping on board with our own program, “The Let’s Dance!” Cotillion, which returns for a third season, and promotes ballroom dance and the positive impact it has on good health and socialization (

The truth of the matter is, dance is not just for fun and entertainment, it is a sport that involves athletic ability, coordination, timing and teamwork. It has tremendous personal value and is one of the best tools to break down physical inhibitions and instill confidence. Dance is also a fantastic way to improve one’s poise, posture and overall composure. The techniques learned in a traditional dance class provide the dancer with a sense of grace and self-control so that they may present themselves in a confident manner. If you happen to find yourself engaged in partner dancing, there is a code of conduct that is observed in the world of dance to honor the dance itself and the dance participants.

First Things First – Dress in appropriate clothing suitable for dancing. Be mindful to wear "dancer friendly" attire. Avoid anything beaded, snagging fabrics and long train dresses.

Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene - Personal oral and bodily hygiene is of utmost importance. Brush your teeth or freshen your mouth with a piece of gum to prevent bad breath. Make sure to use deodorant or apply a light perfume to prevent any body odor.

At a Dance - Either the man or woman may ask for a dance. When asking for a dance, try not to be overly aggressive. Try not to turn down anyone who has asked for a dance. It is alright to state that you would like to "sit this one out" or that you are not familiar with a particular dance. It is extremely rude to turn down one person and then accept another invitation during the same dance number.

Introductions - Introduce yourself to your dance partner right away. With couples of two different genders, the gentleman always leads the lady. At the end of a dance, thank your partner.

A Positive Attitude Guarantees an Invitation to Dance - Shaking your head, rolling your eyes, looking bored, unenthusiastic or ignoring your partner all fall into the category of bad attitude. When dancing, it is the job of the participant to look like they are having the time of their life. This will ensure that your dance card is always full.

Got a favorite dance move? Have a special pair of dance shoes you've been hiding? Seen any good dance performances lately? Share with us. We'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Manners Monday – “Hooray, It’s National Parent’s Day”

Hooray, it’s National Parent’s Day! An annual celebration held on the 4th Sunday of July that recognizes parental figures and honors them for the significant and supportive role they play in their children’s lives.

This special day of observance pays tribute to all parental figures whether biological, foster or step, single or married, traditional or non-traditional. Regardless of how our families are comprised, most will agree that parenting in today’s world is relentless and requires the deft hand of an expert as well as a magician. The responsibilities are endless, and the rewards are plenty, but it is truly with luck that our children are able to grow up unscathed and actually able to thrive.

For those that assume it’s a day for parents to kick back and relax and be pampered by their children, don’t be mistaken. Although the day celebrates the unconditional bond of love between parents and their children, the true purpose of National Parent’s Day is to raise awareness on responsible parenting and encourage positive parental role models. Established in 1994 by President Bill Clinton, this day acknowledges the parental figure for their commitment, investment and focus in their child’s growth and development.

A parent’s greatest concern is that their children grow up with a healthy sense of self-esteem and that they are kind and empathetic. A parent who incorporates the teaching of good manners is essentially providing them with these crucial characteristics and enabling them to use this special skill set to help them not only feel comfortable within their own skin, but also to feel confident interacting with others.

Manners, after all, are “the secret sauce” to raising confident, poised, comfortable, communicative, happy children. They are the adhesive that holds everything together. These life-long, commonsense guidelines help children become more socially intelligent by providing them with the tools needed to assess situations, approach people and apply themselves as gracefully and effortlessly as possible. Knowing how to behave in any type of situation and learning how to get along with others and thrive is essential to survival and success in today’s fiercely competitive world.

In order for children to fully flourish, they must receive encouragement and inspiration from their parents. It is the parents responsibility to instill the three “R’s”: (a) Raise Awareness, (b) Apply Repetition and (c) practice Role-Modeling. By earning their children’s respect and practicing what they preach, parents are making a direct and positive impact into their children’s overall happiness and future success.

Below are five key areas in which parents may introduce good manners habits into their children’s lives, along with practical exercises for application in the home.

1. The Importance of a Positive Attitude

  • It all begins with a smile
  • Positive thinking leads to positive results
  • The energy you put out into the world is the energy that is returned to you
  • Choosing gratitude over entitlement reaps endless rewards

Exercise for Parents: Have a conversation about the importance of smiling and make a pact with your children to smile more often. Encourage your children to practice their smile in front of the mirror twice a day after brushing their teeth. Make it a house rule that all family members must greet each other with a warm and cheerful hello or good morning each day, even if they don’t feel like it. The reason for this exercise is to show how a pleasant smile and positive attitude can help set the tone for an entire day and increase the likelihood of positive encounters across the board.

2. The Effect of Making a Good First Impression

  • A good first impression creates opportunities
  • Communicates a self-awareness that exudes confidence
  • Allows you to stand out from the crowd
  • Makes you a likeable and approachable person

Exercise for Parents: Find one aspect of yourself in the way you look, the way you sound or the way you act, that might be inhibiting you from making a good first impression and have your children do the same. Make a deal with your children to alter this aspect and continue a more becoming pattern going forward. For example, dad may need to start shaving more often to avoid looking scruffy at work or daughter may need to stop gossiping with her friends at school, etc. The hope is that, through this exercise, children will notice how making one small personal adjustment can lead to a world of possibility for the better.

3. The Advantage of Adaptable Behavior

  • Being a chameleon encourages us to assimilate even when we might feel uncomfortable
  • Taking risks is part of life and often leads to unimagined gifts from the universe
  • Participating in new experiences and exploring new environments demonstrates our openness to the world
  • Acceptance of others (different cultures, diverse religions, etc.) is vital to success in today’s society

Exercise for the Family: Designate one weekend afternoon per month in which a member of the family may select a unique outing for everyone to participate in together that is completely unfamiliar and which will require them all to adapt. This may be as simple as a hike and afternoon picnic in Temescal Canyon or a visit to Chinatown for a dim sum Sunday brunch. The motive of the exercise is to unlock new experiences and expand the horizons of the family unit creating an adventure that is new to all.

4. The Value in Creating Boundaries

  • Earning your child’s respect must be a primary focus
  • It’s okay to say “no!”
  • Acting like a parent and being a good role model is what your children yearn for and need
  • Showing love and taking an interest are key components to the whole picture

Exercise for the Family: Create an arbitrary ban on all electronic communications for an hour each weekend. This means parents and children alike must abstain from using cell phones, texting, Facebooking or partaking of other social networking sites, playing video games, working on their computer, etc. Instead everyone in the family should find an alternate activity such as making conversation, reading a book, playing an instrument, doing handwritten homework, etc. The purpose of this exercise is to get family members to stop retreating behind modern technologies and begin interacting with one another using traditional communication skills.

5. The Significance of the Family Meal

  • Creates an opportunity to introduce good health habits
  • Allows family members to review their day and practice conversation skills
  • Promotes better learners, especially when presented with a well-balanced, nutritious meal
  • Offers a chance for everyone to slow down and connect in person

Exercise for the Family: Select one night of the week where all family members must dine together. This experience should be different and more civilized than the family dinners typically experienced during the week. The table should be set using formal dishware, glassware and silverware, if possible, and all family members should be encouraged to dress for dinner. The meal should be made with care using only the freshest ingredients. Parents and children alike should make pleasant table conversation. The goal of this exercise is to witness how these seemingly frivolous changes can enhance the overall enjoyment and experience of dining together.

So take the time to send a personal card, a handmade gift or a bouquet of flowers to any parent who has made a difference in your life. And, if you are a parent, enjoy this day and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well-done thus far and then dig your heels back in the trenches and continue forward…

Sunday, July 17, 2011

“Manners Monday” - The Butler Did It –Codes of Conduct for Texting

I must confess, I rarely text. I can barely even remember that it’s an option on my Blackberry! Most of the time, I pretend it doesn’t exist merely for the fact that I’d much rather have a conversation with a person than type my thoughts or feelings into a piece of technology. Not to mention the fact that we’ve been warned time and again on the trials and tribulations of the oft-written text that can produce unforeseen ramifications. Every day there seems to be another politician, athlete or celebrity who has gotten into one form of trouble or another over a text (or sext) that was sent in haste. It’s not that I have to worry about this (after all as an etiquette instructor I pay extra careful attention to this area), but I’d just rather keep it simple in the event I accidentally slip and say something that I might regret and not wish to have memorialized forever.

While there are a number of written rules and codes of conduct for proper texting that are fairly obvious, I was interested to learn of an emerging phenomenon that was not necessarily on my radar and that is the butler lie. Written about recently in the New York Times, the butler lie “is a term coined by Cornell University researchers in 2009 to describe lies that politely initiate and terminate instant messaging conversations.” You know, those little white lies we make up to provide us with a valid excuse to jump off the phone quickly such as, “Gotta run, my kids are screaming,” “Yikes, I’m late for a meeting,” or “I’m heading into the canyon and about to lose reception.”

The idea is that, years ago we could place blame on the butler who was hired to graciously and judiciously get us out of awkward positions, now we’re forced to use our own social safeguards to do the trick and make us appear sincere when we are really avoiding a potentially sticky situation.

The second issue they mention is that these so called butler lies have become an integral part of texting today because we are constantly reachable and there is virtually no other way to let a person know you are temporarily unavailable without hurting their feelings. But these may not be excusable for long as new technology has allowed people to track when their texts are read by the recipient and tracking applications such as Google Latitude enables users to geographically locate people’s mobile phones. Whether we are able to effectively dodge the occasional butler lie or not, we have to be careful to use these lies sparingly and only in emergencies.

Text messaging, in general, is one of the easiest and most straightforward means of mobile communication, yet it comes with complications as users often abuse certain guidelines for common courtesy. Here is a list of other things to consider when formulating texts.

1. Familiarize yourself with the shorthand lingo. btw (by the way), brb (be right back), lmk (let me know) ttyl (talk to you later), lol (laugh out loud), 2day (today), ur (your), u (you), idk (I don’t know).

2. Watch your tone. As with email, there is no way for recipients to gage how you are feeling and what you are thinking, they only know what they are reading. Take extra measures to ensure your communication is harmless and cannot be misconstrued. When in doubt, it never hurts to throw in a smiley face just to help smooth things over.

3. Monitor your language. Limit the use of slang words and refrain from curse words altogether. With all of the words available in the English language choose to use the ones that make you sound more intelligent.

4. Restrict the use. Text messaging should be reserved for casual communications only such as letting someone know you are late to meet them or to send a quick phone number so they can reach you by phone. Texting should never be used as a tool to avoid confrontation such as the ending of a relationship or as a mechanism to make some grand confession like admitting to your neighbor that you did pick her prize roses to use in a centerpiece for your table.

5. Refrain from texting while in the company of others. Composing a text or answering a text while engaged in face-to-face conversation with others is just as rude as taking a call on your cell phone.

6. Never text while you drive! Oprah spearheaded a major campaign against texting while behind a motor vehicle, local governments passed laws prohibiting it, and some states will fine abusers hundreds of dollars. Whatever you do, do not ignore this rule, beyond the money you will save, you may be saving a life!!

7. Don’t hold your breath. If you do not receive a response to your text, don’t get upset or frustrated. You have no idea what the recipient is doing and if they check their text messages regularly. After a sufficient time has passed, you can always follow up your text with a subsequent message asking if it was received. Or, guess what? You can pick up the phone and call them!

8. Every text is evidence. As with all electronic communications, remember that text messages are permanent and can be traced. This is where users get into the most trouble, especially taking liberties with sexting (the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs electronically.) If you’re going down this dangerous road, think long and hard before pressing the send button.

Did you know that most of these rules apply across the board into all electronic forms from Twitter to email? What is your preferred form of communication? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Manners Monday" - Bracing Ourselves for Carmageddon

Carmageddon is coming and you’d better take a chill pill because, if all the predictions are correct, Los Angeles will come to a complete stand still this weekend causing major delays (and potentially major headaches) everywhere.

For those special few who have been living under a rock or recently awoke from a very long sleep, you may not have heard the breaking news, 10 miles of the 405 Freeway from Getty Center Drive to the 101 Freeway will be shut down in both directions beginning this Friday, the 15th at 10pm (with ramp closures expected to occur as early as 7pm) until the following Monday, the 18th at 5am. The reason for the closure is to improve a portion of the Mulholland Bridge and allow for the expansion of a car pool lane to ultimately help decrease congestion on the 405.

Many fortunate souls had the foresight and wherewithal to plan their exotic vacations or arrange a long overdue visit to their relatives during this time, but for the rest of us who are staying put and bracing ourselves for this auto storm, a little helpful advice on how to curtail our road rage and make the best use of our downtime is in order.

Should you find yourself stuck-in-the-muck (as my nephew loves to say) while driving across town to visit a long lost friend or to take in a blockbuster movie over the weekend, try a few of these suggestions to get you through gracefully and you may even come out a little smarter for the experience.

Break Out the Emergency Items. First and foremost, make sure you have a small emergency kit on hand so that you are well-prepared in the event you need aid on the spot. Lord knows how long it will take ambulances and fire trucks to get to you on this day. Don’t forget the sunscreen! What if your sunroof gets jammed open and the sun is shining down right upon you for hours on end? Sunscreen will ensure you at least tan evenly.

Stock Up on Snacks & Suckers. Regardless of whether you have kids or not, if you are caught in intense delays you will need to hydrate so stock up on plenty of cold water or other replenishing drinks. Put everything into a cooler with ice packs to keep everything cold for as long as possible. An assortment of snacks both savory and sweet will also keep you awake and occupied. I also highly recommend purchasing a supply of lollipops. Blow Pops and Tootsie Pops are my favorite. You may just be able to answer the age old question – how many licks does it take to get to the end of a Tootsie Pop?

Do Not Leave The House Without... Going to the bathroom. Once again, not just for kids, adults need to make one last trip to the potty too! Trust me, an empty bladder is a happy bladder. It is also wise to wear comfy clothes and shoes. You do not want to feel constricted and restricted by a pair of skin tight jeans (although they may be cute!) and your highest Louboutins. If you have to hit the brakes all of the sudden you might break an expensive heel at the same time. Instead, break out your Tod’s driving shoes. If ever there was an ideal time to wear these puppies, it would be now.

Remember the Rules from Driving School. To keep the traffic flowing, remember to use your signals to let others know if you will be moving to the left lane or right lane. Limit your horn use. Everyone is in this together and we don’t need an impatient driver laying on the horn to remind us to move forward nor do we need you giving us the finger or screaming at us at the top of your lungs. We’re moving as fast as we can. If you are a notoriously slow driver, stick to the right lanes which are meant for those just coasting and enjoying the ride. On the flip side, if you are a Mario Andretti in training or from New York (I can say this because I am) and know your blood will boil over if you are not driving in the fastest lane, then by all means move to the far left and stay there!

Consult a Compass. If you do not own a compass, you'd better know your east from your north and your west from your south. Here's a tip: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Downtown is also located east and the beach is west. Also worth noting, the 405 Freeway runs north towards Santa Barbara and south towards San Diego. Purchase a map to get a bird's eye view of surface streets. You will definitely need to use them this weekend!

Take Up Meditation. This weekend may be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill such as meditation. While in your car, pop in some contemplative, relaxing music and start your chanting or counting to ten backwards. Let your mind drift and your body melt into the seat. Picture yourself on a sandy beach in Hawaii with the wind blowing in your hair and a nice cool drink by your side.

Learn a New Language. Visit your local bookstore (if it hasn’t shut down yet) and purchase a DVD that will teach you a new language. Who knows, by the time you reach the Italian restaurant, you may be able to order your dinner in their native tongue accent and all!

Radio is the Sound Salvation. I love my music and you'll never find me in the car without something playing in the background. Traffic is an excellent time to brush up on your karaoke skills and discover the words to all of your favorite songs. Close those windows shut, crank up the air conditioning, pump up the volume and sing till your heart's content.

Squeeze in a Little Exercise. So maybe you didn’t make it to the gym 4 times this week and you’re feeling a little guilty. Now is the perfect time to work out those stomach core muscles by contracting and releasing your stomach or doing fast yoga breathing. How about that seat area? Squeezing and releasing your bottom will help tone your buttocks and create nice definition. Not just for mommies, men you too can improve muscle tone by strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises! Do a round of all three every 15 minutes and you’ll step out of your car slimmer than when you got in.

Let the Games Begin. Car games seem a natural to play at this time. Although you may be at a standstill, here are a couple of the most popular games to attempt: (1) The License Plate Game in which players attempt to find a license plate from each U.S. state until they have found all 50 and (2) The Alphabet Game in which players look at road signs and license plates to spot the letters of the alphabet, in order from A-Z, then the numbers 1-26 in order. In both games, first one to finish first wins. If you are driving solo, dial up a friend and play over the phone.

Final Thoughts. Fill up the gas tank on Friday morning to ensure you have plenty of juice to get wherever you may need to go over the weekend and while you're there have them check your water & Freon levels too! The last thing you need is to run out of gas or have your car overheat under these conditions and I wouldn’t count on AAA bailing you out either. They may be busy tending to more important things, like ACCIDENTS!

In the Future. Ten years from now, worries like how to survive "Carmageddon" may not be such a big deal. Apparently, Google is hard at work developing the first ever self-operating cars. If this occurs, then rather than hitting the gas and the brakes for hours at a time on our commutes, we can all just sit back and relax, curl up with a good book and take in the view while our cars drive us to our destination. Sounds good to me!

For more up-to-date info, follow @BeatCarmageddon on Twitter, and use the hash tag #carmageddon or check in with your local news station on satellite or traditional radio. Good luck and safe travels!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

"Manners Monday" - Summertime & Beach Etiquette

Summer, summer, summertime, time to sit back and unwind at the beach. True or False? True, if you’re the only person situated on a deserted island. False, if you try to venture out to the beach on a major summer holiday.

The 4th of July is practically synonymous with going to the beach. The annual countdown begins at least a month in advance. The requisite new bathing suits in the latest styles, the spray tan sessions to get a “natural looking” base coat, the slimming down diets to show off flat abs and tight buns, the wax appointment right beforehand to keep discrete areas neat and tidy, the list is endless. Finally ready to rock your fabulousness, the last thing you need is to be bothered by annoying adults blasting their bad music, pesky children kicking sand onto your towel or thrill-seeking seagulls swooping down on your homemade fried chicken and expensive imported cheese.

We understand and we commiserate with you, so we’re prepared a list of proper beach etiquette tips to learn how not to be offensive to others and how to best enjoy the beach experience at holidays and all year long.

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion. The last time I checked, topless and nude sunbathing is frowned upon here in America, and in some cases is considered against the law. Unless you’re on a private yacht in the south of France or vacationing in Brazil, kindly keep your bathing suit PG-rated. Private parts should be sufficiently covered. The beach is for families and they are especially in tow on a big summer holiday.

Flip Flop Etiquette. Flip flops are perfectly acceptable foot attire to the beach, but should be removed as soon as your feet hit the sand. Why you ask? To avoid unintentionally flicking sand everywhere as you attempt to find the perfect spot on the beach. The only time to keep flip flops on while walking in the sand is if the sand is scorching and you need them to protect your feet.

Come Ready with Your Own Supplies. Everyone has their “must have” list of necessities for the beach. Most importantly, the list is to help you be prepared so that you do not have to constantly bother others with your requests for items you forgot at home. The bare minimum: sunscreen, hat, bottled water and towel. Kicking it up a notch: beach chair, umbrella, tunes, books or magazines (old school style), games, a cooler fully stocked with an incredible feast. Recommended for parents: full day supply of diapers and wipes, a Pack N’ Play or tent for shade, sand toys (BTW, don’t forget to write your name on them so you leave the beach with the same toys you came with), ample sunscreen, snacks and beverages.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm. If you are one of those people who perpetually arrives fashionably late, don’t expect to have first dibs on prime real estate at the beach. There is plenty of space and no one is entitled to a reserved spot, unless of course, you belong to a private beach club and the attendant has a reserved number of chairs and umbrellas set aside for members. To ensure you do not encroach on another person’s space, ideally there should be about 15 feet between distance between you and your neighbor. When selecting your spot, don’t forget to take into consideration high tide. Look for a high water mark, consult a tide chart or ask a lifeguard before settling down for the day.

Setting up Shop. If possible, organize your items so that you only have to take one trip on the sand to your spot on the beach. Walking back and forth is exhausting and will tucker you out before your day even begins. Before laying your towels down and inserting your umbrella, check to see which way the wind is blowing so that you don’t blow sand into your neighbor’s direction or block their view. Make every effort to consolidate your items into a small area that will not take valuable beach front away from others.

Keep it Down & Watch Your Language. We are well aware that the beach is outside, but that does not give you cart blanche to blast your latest iTunes mix on your giant speakers or shout profanities to your buddies when we are within ear shot trying to enjoy a family day with our kids. On the flip side, parents need to monitor their children and make sure little Mikey and Susie aren’t running amok hurling sand toys and fighting over the last Cheeto while adults are trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet or read the latest best-seller. Being outside entitles everyone to use their outside voice and have fun, just be mindful of how loud and crazy you get and keep it all in check.

Fun in the Sun. Game playing is great, but keep it away from others. First of all, it is obnoxious to play ball over others heads while they are trying to relax and secondly, it can be dangerous, especially if there are little ones around. This extends to water playing as well. Look out for others in the water before you engage in spirited splashing, dunking and other horseplay. Maintain control of boogie boards and other water toys so that everyone has a safe day in the sun. A special note to parents: keep an eye on your children. Organize plenty of activities like building sand castles, playing Frisbee or searching for the most unusual sea shell to keep them busy so that they do not wander off or, more importantly, wander into the water without your supervision.

Clean Up After Yourself. If only there was a “Smoky the Bear” or that Indian fellow who shed a single tear at the sight of litter being dropped at his feet to protect our beautiful beaches. Where’s the mascot to remind us to keep our beaches clean? I remember swimming once at a beach just north of Santa Monica and seeing plastic bags, soda cans and straw wrappers in the ocean. It was disgusting! Please take a garbage bag or paper bag with you to the beach and have the decency to collect all of your trash (that includes food wrappers, diapers, newspapers and whatever else you bring) and then deposit it into one of the large trash receptacles located everywhere.

Don't Bring the Beach Home with You. Carefully shake all items and sufficiently clean off anything with sticky sand before leaving the beach. Watch your neighbors to make sure you are not blowing sand dust in their wind. There is nothing worse than dust particles of sand found in the car, on the floor or in your bags when you return home. Shake off towels, clean dirty feet, wash out bathing suits and dump all bags before settling into your car or entering the house.

Give it One Last Look. Before making your final exit, patrol the area one all around your beach party scene one last time for any lost items,leftover food or litter.

Did I forget anything? Let me know what your beach rituals include? What items do you take? Have any tips for rude patrons? Share with us. We'd love to hear from you!